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Monday, 24 April 2017

VA.Ah Paris

The post below is of course a French singer singing in English ! we have courtesy of Bob a L/P that also features French singers but this time sung in French ! enjoy this one all the lookers in from "France" !!!...most of the songs are well known !!

08 Petite fleur.mp3

Sacha Distel

Re-Post Requested By Sean Brosnan

Ooops ! seems we are back on the track of the compilations !!!....Soooo here is that French Guy who co-wrote "The Good Life" singing a selection of  well known hit songs including the one he wrote !! I have said many times before all singers who sing well known songs and standards should put there own stamp on it and do something different with the arrangement's and style... "Sacha" has the saving grace of a "French" accent so I suppose you could say it's different !!!..But unfortunately no surprises !!!...This one has some jumps...Sorry !!

1. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
2. Can't Take My Eyes Of f You
3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
4. As Time Goes By
5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
6. A Man And A Woman 
7. They Long To Be Close To You
8. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak tree
9. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
10. To Wait For Love

1. The Good Life
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. This Guy's In Love With You
4. What Now My Love
5. Beyond The Sea
6. My Cherie Amour
7. It's Impossible
8. Playground In My Mind
9. Autumn Leaves
10. I Wish You Love

20 I Wish You Love.mp3

3 x 45's

1. The Challange....Instrumental
2. The Challange....Chris Thompson

1. Hold That Dream....Franzisca
2. Be With You....Franzisca

1. Ich Bin Der Mann Von Dem man Traumt
2. Diese Scheibe Ist Ein Hit


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tony Bennett & Bill Evans

My back pocket is empty and can't find anymore L/P's that have managed to hide in the folds of the carpet so now its time to depart from over the pond !!...thanks John for finding these goodies !!!...ending with an early Tony Bennett with just a piano !!!...Cooooooooool !!! Circa 1975...The playing list is different from the back cover list !!

1. Young And Foolish
2. The Touch Of Your Lips
3. Some Other Time 
4. When In Rome
5. We'll Be Together Again

1. My Foolish Heart
2. Waltz For Debby
3. But Beautiful
4. Days of Wine And Roses.

01 Young And Foolish.mp3

Max Bygraves

Hows about a bit of childist nonsense.....Just to keep a sense of reality, humour, and down to earth !!!

1. Georgie Porgie
2. The Grand Old Duke of York
3. Marilyn Muffet
4.  Here We Go Round The Traffic Jam
5.  Simple Simon
6. Ex King Cole
7. Jack And Jill
8. Three Nice Mice

1. Rock And Roll Baby
2. Polly Put The Kettle On
3. Barbara Van Peep
4. Mary Had A Little
5. Oranges And Lemons 
6. Twinkle Twinkle TV Star
7. Sing A Song Of Spaceman
8. Baa Baa Beatnik.
04 - Here we go round the traffic jam.mp3

The Knack...John Barry

Mood music now from a 60's film that I remember seeing...seems from the cover that it won a "Best Picture" at the Cannes Film festival.....One for the collectors of Film Scores !!!

06. The Knack.mp3

James Brown

Early James Brown !!

03 - Again.mp3

Fats Domino

We are still across the pond courtesy of John and we have some goodies !!!
1. Along The Navajo Trail
2.  You Win Again
3. One Night
4. I'm Alone Because I Love You 
5. Wont You Come On Back
6. Trouble Blues

1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 
2. Good Hearted Man
3. Your Cheatin' heart
4. Let The Four Winds Blow
5. In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
6. Am I Blue

07 - I can't give you anything but love.mp3

Chris Conner

Now then through the magic of the Internet we have got a musical trip to "Paris" via John's "New York" record Store !!...whizzing away to "England"...and then everybody in the "Cosmos" can have a listen too !!!....this is a very atmostpheric recording you could well be there!!...another great find from John !!

06 The Second Time Around.mp3

Don McLean.320kbps

 This is a Double L/P of Dons "Live" Concerts in England....recorded at "Manchester,Bristol and Oxford"....Some of the tracks I have recorded have two or three songs in them , that's when he does go from one song into another so no gaps..He is one of the few singers that sounds exactly as he does on his records hence all the cheers of his audience...all 27 tracks are good !!

Side 1 & 2....Side 3 & 4

 Side 1
1. Magdalene Lane
2. Masters Of War
3. Wonderful Baby
4. Where Were You Baby
5. Empty Chairs
6. Geordie's Lost His Penker
7. Babylon

Side 2
1. And I Love You So
2. Mactavish Is Dead
3. Cripple Creek / Muleskinner Blues
4. Great Big Man
5. Bronco's Bills Lament
6. Happy Trails
7. Circus Song
8. Birthday Song
9. On The Amazon

Side 3
1. American Pie
2. Over The Waterfall / Arkansas Traveler
3. Homeless Brother
4. Castles In The Air
5. Three Flights Up

Side 4
1. Lovesick Blues
2. Winter has Me In Its Grip
3. The Legend Of Andrew McCrew
4. Vincent
5. Till Tomorrow

Sister Rosetta Tharpe.320 Kbps


 This one I will leave the comments to the back sleeve....don't know much about gospel music so I'll keep quiet !!

1. Nothing Between
2. He's The Lily Of The Valley
3. Seeking For Me
4. Shine Four Jesus 
5. Never Alone
6. I Do Don't You

1. God Lead Us Along
2. The Family Prayer
3. What Are They Doing In Heaven
4. I Saw The Light
5. Blow Ye Trumpet In Zion
6. Oh The Joy That Came To Me

02. He's the Lily Of The Valley.mp3 

jaki whitren 'rock and roll gypsies'

Court of Miracles feat' Jaki Whitren 'spirit soul hearted'

Jaki Whitren.320 Kbps


  I am very glad that I started this blog because of all the great music that I am re-discovering....L/P's that I havn't played for years bringing back loads of memories....True I could have played them at any time but doing this Blog means that I have to listen to every track whilst recording them and it's Great !!....This L/P when I first got it was never off the turntable for quite some the 70's when this was recorded when Jaki was about 19 there was no "Internet" were you could go and find out about any artists so I didn't know much about you can "Google" her and get all the information that you want ...and that's what I did and glad that I did...the video's above is what she is doing today and Boy does she sound just as good as she did nearly 40 years ago when she made this L/P....I urge those of you who want to hear a fresh New Voice to have a download and see what you think !!..Take note of "Give Her A Day" and "Human Failure"...FANTASTIC...And she wrote all the songs herself except one !!

1. New Horizon
2. Oh Little Boy
3. A Little Bit Extra Please
4. Country Life
5. To A Friend Through A Friend
6. But Which Way Do I Go

1. Give Her The Day
2. Ain't It Funny
3. I've Thought Hard About It
4. As That Evening Sun Goes Down
5. Human Failure
6. Running All The Time 

08. Ain't It Funny.mp3

Lena Horne.320 Kbps


 This as you can see is a live performance so there is no gaps between the tracks so had to record it as "Track 1 & Track 2"...recorded in 1961


Barbra Streisand.320 Kbps


 This is Barbra's first L/P recorded in 1963....I think it took her about 4 L/P's before she got complete control of her voice....saying that it's still a fantastic L/P....I first heard of her on a T/V show called "The Bernard Braden Show"...BOY that's going back some years !!!...I think I must have been the first person to buy her L/P had to order it because no one had even heard of her and it took about a fortnight before I finally got it...6 Months later everybody was "Streisand " Mad !!

1. Cry Me A River
2. My Honey's Loving Arms
3. I'll Tell The Man In The Street
4. A Taste Of Honey
5. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf 
6. Soon It's Gonna Rain

1. Happy Days Are Here Again
2. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
3. Much More
4. Come To The Supermarket In Old Peking
5. A Sleepin' Bee

08. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now.mp3

VA. Easy Together.320 Kbps


Another compilation.....Now here we have a good compilation L/P that has 3 classic tracks on it !! I'll just say "Tommy" "Gene" & "Ella" The record company's sure has a peculiar sense of a mixture in this case !!

1. Burning Bridges....Mike Curb Congregation
2. Sandy's Theme....James Last & Orchestra
3. Meditation....Astrud Gilberto
4. Diamonds Are Forever....John Barry
5. Just An Old Fashioned Love Song....New Seekers
6. It's All In The Game....Tommy Edwards
1. Bye Bye Blues....Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra
2. Singin' In The Rain....Gene Kelly
3. Manhattan.....Ella Fitzgerald
4. Vincent....David Rose & Orchestra
5. John Shaft....Sammy Davis
6. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head....Arthur Fieldler & Boston Pops Orchestra 

06. It's All In The Game.mp3

Andy Fairweather Low.320 Kbps


This L/P contains one of my favourite tracks from the 70s!!...I wonder how many of you out there in the "Cosmos" will guess which one it is !!!.......Yep your right !!!'s the sound bite !!

1. My Buckets Got A Hole In It
2. Jump Up And Turn Around
3. Halfway To Everything
4. La Booga Rooga
5. Champagne Melody

1. If That What It Takes
2. 8 Ton Crazy
3. Grease It Up
4. Wide Eyed And Legless
5. Inner City Highwayman

09. Wide Eyed And Legless.mp3

Linda Clifford.320.Kbps


 Well we've had Jazz, Classical, Hilbilly, Bluegrass, Piano, so I reckon its time for some "Disco"
a great L/P with a very different version of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"...hope you like it !!

1. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
2. Let Me Be Your Woman
3. Don't Give It Up
4. Hold Me Close

1. One Of Those Songs
2. Don't Let Me Have Another Bad Dream
3. I Can't Let This Good Thing Get Away
4. Sweet Melodies

02. Let Me Be Your Woman.mp3

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Randy Edelman.320 Kbps


There is a bit of a story that goes with this L/P....I was listening to the radio in the early 70's and heard a song called "The Woman On Your Arm"...I didn't catch the name of the singer so I had to resort to song title catalogue's in record shops to try and find it....these days you would google it and there it would be !!...but in the distant 70's you had to rely on record shops....but I drew a blank every shop I went too couldn't find it...I was disappointed because I thought it was a great song...I did try for a while but still had no luck so I more or less forgot about it.....THEN I was looking in a junk shop that sold second hand records and found this one....didnt take much notice of it it was in a box of about 100 not much was there but I did pick it up and look at the track was just a fluke and lo and behold "The Woman On You Arm" was looking up at me !! I asked if the track could be played in the shop they did have a record player just to make sure it was the right song and "Bingo" it was..and it only cost 50p !!
The L/P is a great one all the songs are written by "Randy" and like "Don McLean" each song tells a story which is great not like some of the random lyrics of todays songs !!....another great track is "I Am A Dancer" after all my hype I hope everybody who downloads it enjoys it !!
1. Bluebird
2. Pistol Packin' Melody
3. I Am A Dancer
4. Where Did We Go Wrong
5. Stan The Pantsman

1. You Are The Sunlight I Am The Moon
2. The Woman On Your Arm
3. Isn't It A Shame
4. Everbody Wants To Call You Sweetheart
5. June Lullaby
07. The Woman On Your Arm.mp3

Dorothy Squires.320 Kbps


  Dorothy Squires has got quite a distictive voice and on this L/P as the title say's she is singing her own songs that she has wrote....maybe some of you out there in the 'cosmos' have probably never heard of her so maybe a little info will help....her voice is deep... so if I said that it is the very oposite of the voice of "Blossom Dearie"maybe you will get an idea of it !!...seems that she wrote the lyrics and composed the tunes of most of the tracks on this L/P...there is a sameness about the songs but they are good....and of course she was married to "James Bond" and "The Saint" (AKA) "Roger Moore" at some point !!

1. Look Around
2. With all My Heart
3. Tammy Tell Me True
4. The Good Things
5. Point Of No Return
6. Two Strangers Met

1. Torremolinos
2. When There's Love In Your Heart
3. Where Can I Go
4. Precious Love
5. Your Flowers Arrived To Late 
6. Play It To The Rules

07. Torremolinos.mp3

Perry Como.320 Kpbs


 Here's one that is not a compilation it was produced by "Chet Atkins" recorded in "Nashville Tennessee"in 1973 !!

1. And I Love You So
2. Killing Me Softly With Her Song
3. For The Good Times
4. Aubrey
5. Sing

1. I Want To Give
2. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
3. I Thought About You
4. It All Seems To Fall Into Line
5. I Believe In Music

08. I Thought About You.mp3